Infertility: The Importance of a Cheering Section

As many know I am currently in the midst of working on my Dissertation to complete my Doctorate. In tandem with my struggles with fertility, this experience has taught me much about patience, persistence, never giving up, and believing in myself–even when my confidence is rocked to the core

Perhaps one of the most vital things I have learned along the way is the importance of having a cheering section. I mean who can’t appreciate a little wave of the pom pom and stomp of the feet when on the playing field of life?

There are days when the words flow, the BBT is exactly where it should be, ovulation happens right on time, and all seems right with the world. On those days it is nice to look over and see the adoring group clapping at our small triumphs along the way.

Yet there are also days when one hour rolls into the next and even though time is moving forward, our frustration, sadness, anger, and absence of joy does not. We are stuck.

During those times too we need to hear the chant of the crowd, to see them raising their homemade signs up to their painted faces, and to feel the swell of confidence that comes from our own personal cheering section.

And every so often we need to jump into the stands at half time carrying Gatorade and oranges to equip our fans for the second half. Perhaps today is a good day to take that time out and parade through the stadium with a big sign of our own.


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