Perspectives on fertility, sometimes we need a new one

There can be times when hearts raw from failed attempts at conception masquerade as Houdini shackled in chains, and then magically freed.

Our perceptions can become blind to all of the other woes of the world. It is as though if only the saw can be pulled out of the middle of the box we will no longer be the lady cut in two. We will emerge from the box in one whole piece to the roar of the crowd.

Sometimes however we need a different vantage, a new perspective. Yesterday I got mine.

Yesterday I learned a past colleague, one month after giving birth to a beautiful baby girl, was diagnosed with Leukemia. She had one precious month with her daughter, and the following months she has been in the hospital fighting for her life–and unable to see or hold her child for even one moment.

Life is not fair, life is not equitable, and we all carry burden on our backs. None of us can be immersed in a tank of water, without a key, weighted down with chains, and emerge unchanged.

It can be tempting to simmer in a soup of our own disappointments, our own letdowns, our own heartbreaks. However, sometimes we need only to look at the diver in the shark tank to realize that a straightjacket really isn’t that bad–all things considered.

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