Infertility: An Exercise in Facing Fear

“. . . a Universe that not only champions our success, it sometimes ferries us to our fears so we can leave them behind as we fly.”

– Naila Francis

My Brave Friend Naila

A dear friend of mine wrote a wonderful blog about facing fear entitled “Wild adventure is an exercise in facing fear” (click to read). Reading about her courage got me to wondering about the fears infertility ferries to our door.

In my lifetime I have faced many fears. The fear of falling flat on my face when I moved across country solo in my mid 20s; the fear of rejection at every job interview, on every first date, and in every new friendship; the fear of failing to mold my life forever with my husband’s when equipped with over thirty years of doing it “my way;” and the fear of not being smart enough to deserve a PhD behind my name.

These fears were big fears; they were fears that could paralyze me, fears that if given in to could have changed the entire direction of my life.

Yet I have always felt that if I am going to fail, I would rather fail spectacularly. I would rather go down in a blaze of glory (along with Bon Jovi). Because if life is not meant to be lived fully, what else are we here for?

Facing challenges in conception can be like facing our biggest fears—eye to eye while backed up against a brick wall. Because if our life does not look like the way we always dreamed, believed, hoped it would, where does that leave us?

Perhaps these troubles have however been ferried to our front porch so that we can learn how to leave every fear behind as we fly.

Our lives may not end up like the fairytales we were read as children. Prince Charming will always have his, well not so charming moments. And the baby makes three may not arrive in the way, or the timeframe, we once thought.Even so, our lives are no less magical.

There are many quotes and words of wisdom that have ushered me through life’s difficulties, however there is one that visits my heart and mind often when facing my deepest fears.

The only way out is through.

Face your fears; see the gifts they bring to you, and grow through them so your wings may be strong enough for you to fly.

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