Fertility from Ferocious Determination


Today I am going to take a leap, make a stretch, and go outside of my comfort zone. Today I am going to ask a favor of those of you out there in my blogging family (because honestly you do feel like family).


I have shared one of my blogs entitled:

In Celebration of Those Who Tell us we can’t: Fertility from Ferocious Determination

with Circle + Bloom for their Health Advocacy Contest. Click on the above title or HERE to read it.

Struggling with fertility has taught me the importance of women advocating for themselves, and of women advocating for each other. As such, I was eager to take part in an effort to bring such advocacy into the light.

Now, here’s me hop scotching out of my comfort zone. . .

The submission that receives the most comments will win $250. I know, it’s shameless, however with blushing cheeks I am asking for anyone who feels moved to, to share a comment from your experience after my post (all the way at the bottom). First, so other women can hear how you have advocated for yourself and others, and, oh gosh, so I may also have a shot at the $250. This grad student could sure use it.

With much gratitude,


  1. Verna Tweddale · · Reply

    This blogger would be in my heart space even if she WEREN’T a dear friend . . . I’ve been privileged to share her journey up close and personal for a decade now, and although we have shared many laps on our individual and shared journeys, recently I have been inspired by her eloquence and moved by her posts, even though I’m a grandmother now! Shannon shows up as she IS, which gives the rest of us permission to be fully human too. Her quiet courage and fierce determination assure me that she and her beloved WILL co-create their hearts’ desire: a wee one born of their bodies and conceived in their love. This woman speaks for universal human longing and hope eternal, so hands down, my friend Shannon is most deserving of the $250 recognition of all that she brings to the world. Sincerely, Verna Tweddale

  2. Thank you my dear friend, your friendship is priceless to me. What a blessing you are to my life!

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