Making room for fertility: How cluttered is your basement?

I recently read a wonderful blog on the impact organizing can have on our physical and emotional spaces. Click HERE to read the blog.

The writer’s wisdom got me to thinking about the things each of us collect in our basements.

A few years ago I decided that if I wanted more in my life, I needed to make space for it—literally and figuratively.

I took a leave of absence from school for a quarter and began going through every single item in my house—from the very top room to the very bottom basement corner. I cleaned out box after box of memories I had been dragging around with me for years.

The exercise was exhausting, at times completely emotionally draining, and at the end of it I felt like I had lost 20 pounds and emerged a different person.

And although it wasn’t immediate, about a year later I found myself engaged and packing up my entire house to move into my new home—much, much lighter. I had finally made space for an “other” in between my lifetime collection.

Over the years we not only collect old worn sweaters and furniture long past it’s due date, we also collect hurts, disappointments, anger, and attachments that we carry with us in the world’s largest and most invisible backpack. After a period of time, they begin to weigh us down.

When we are ready to move on to something new in our lives, one place to start is to honestly assess whether we have the space in our lives for that which we desire.

Bringing a child into a home requires a tremendous amount of space. No longer does the world serve at the feet of our independent selves, now the “I” is subsumed by the “he” or “she” that will forever occupy a tremendous space in our heart, mind, and soul.

So perhaps today is a good day to take stock of the room we have made in our lives for a child’s arrival. Are there hurts we have refused to release, anger we have left unexpressed that is scalding us from the inside out, or love tied up in hearts long ago gone that we need to set free?

Making room for our future means letting go of what still attaches to us from our past. Maybe today is a good day to do a little basement cleaning. When we make room for the light to come through the windows of our souls, it will illuminate our futures in golden hues.

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