Infertility: The importance of taking a break–just for today, let it be simple

Sometimes our lives can become consumed by the thing we want most, yet cannot seem to have. At times like these it is important to give ourselves a “time out” just as we might our future children who are having a meltdown when the toy they want with all their might, they can’t have.

We can learn much from children, they are wonderful teachers. Perhaps one of their greatest lessons is how to be fully present–enjoying the simplicity of life.

Maybe today is a good day to take a break from the looping movie in your head–playing daily the drama of infertility. Maybe today, this beautiful gift of a fall day, is a good day to simply enjoy the beauty of life.

Just for today let it be simple.

Enjoying the Simplicity of Life

Wednesday, December 15th

Childhood innocence is a trait many of us wish we still had. To be able to enjoy the simplicities in life, without judgment, without reservation. To be in awe about the beauty of nature and the world around us. To know that there is always time to stop and smell the flowers. But even as we get older, it’s important to remember, life has a way of keeping us grounded. So, learn from your childhood and take the time to enjoy the simplicity of life.

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