Infertiliy: How to survive when you’re a captive audience to pregnancy talk

I just spent the last hour of my life quite literally a captive audience to incessant talk of pregnancy and babies.

There I was, settled in at the dentist’s office, mouth propped open, tools going to work, and lo and behold what commenced next was shocking, horrific, terrifying–ok not really but I just wanted to add some dramatic effect.

What happened next was a full hour of my hygenist discussing the joys of looking forward to her baby having a baby. Yes, a full hour of gushing about pregnancy.

OK I thought, I can do this, just nod, occassionally go “uh huh,” and let my mind wander away to la la land–pretend I’d had a nice blast of happy gas like before the dental work.

Well, that was a nice idea but it didn’t work.

In life we will face these moments–at times we will even find ourselves captives to them–yet what we must remember in those painstaking slow clock ticking times is to breath, and then let it go and move on.

You see everyone’s life is a bit like a book. When we meet someone, when we listen to them, they narrate a chapter in their story. Sometimes we aren’t always the best audience, yet we are an audience no less.

Maintaining sanity, in fact maintaining our ability to allow others books to unfold as their stories are meant to, requires that we leave their stories with them when we go.

I could have carried my hurt feelings out onto the street and into the rest of my day, however then her story would have intermingled with mine far more than I wanted it to.

So the next time you find yourself a captive audience to another person’s life chapter on pregnancy, remember it is ok to feel your feelings in the moment, but then you must close their book and move on. Doing so will help you to return in happy anticipation to the next chapter of your own.

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