Infertility: Know your value and never, ever forget your worth

“Some beautiful things are more impressive when left imperfect than when too highly finished.”

― La Rochefoucauld

I have never been one of those girly girls; not really into make-up and never addicted to fashion magazines. I suppose I was a bi-product of formative years spent in the Montana outdoors and toddling along in a gym at the side of my Dad.

Yet there is one girly thing to which my eyes have always been drawn–jewelry. I love jewelry. And out of all the beautiful, sparkly trinkets I have been so generously gifted with throughout my years, my favorite was likely among the least expensive and the most imperfect.

Sure the sparkly diamonds are pretty, and the clear blue and green and red stones catch the sunlight in amazing hues, yet they don’t catch my heart like the imperfection of a butterfly bracelet my husband gave me several years ago.

You see that bracelet has a soul, it has a heart, and its imperfection is what makes it so utterly beautiful to me. I love every contour and I love that nowhere in the world does there exist this perfect piece of imperfection.

So I cannot help but wonder how perfect each of us are in our imperfections. If somehow it is not these very imperfections that make our human-ness utterly and completely perfect.

Facing challenges with conception can put us face-to-face with our flaws, with our less than glossy finish. Yet my experience has taught me that those rough edges are what make the jewel underneath so magnificent.

Sure shiny things are pretty, yet they are not unique, not irreplaceable–they are duplicates of what can be seen around every corner. It is those things which cannot be easily found, which we can search our entire life for and never find another of, that are priceless.

You, in all of your imperfections, are priceless. Know your value and never, ever forget your worth. A worth that is exponential because of those very fertility “flaws” that have made you who you are–an irreplaceable, non-replicate-able gem.


  1. I’m really enjoying your posts. Once again: so true. I think that if we really embrace our flaws it only makes the rest of us shine brighter. 🙂

    1. Thanks so much Heather, your comments always warm my heart.

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