Infertility: A pathway to miracles

 Detours, challenges, and crisis, are simply covers for miracles that had no other way of reaching you.



For many, the struggle to conceive can feel like anything but a miracle. Sometimes however the miracles in our lives come to us in the most unexpected ways.

Sometimes through the pain of struggle comes the fulfillment of dreams we never knew we harbored. And sometimes it is through the struggle and loss that those miracles we will hold most dear to our hearts arrive into our lives.

In many ways infertility breaks our hearts. Knowing that which we want most may forever elude us can leave us blind to the greater reason for the struggle–to the gift on the end of the rainbow sprung from our tears.

What if maybe, just maybe, infertility is nothing more than a cover for the miracles that had no other way to reach us?

If so than the only way to receive those miracles is to embrace the pain, make friends with the struggle, and open our hearts as wide as possible to make room for the miracle to come.


  1. I am definitely trying to keep the faith and see the miracles at work in this process. My favorite miracle song, we play this after every IUI! 🙂

    1. Thanks for sharing, I love your tradition with the song!

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