Infertility & the dimming inner light: Remembering your vibrance

Going through struggles with fertility can correlate to going through struggles with self image. One doctors appointment after another, and one failed conception after another, can lead to life feeling more like different shades of gray than different colors in a rainbow.

When we fail to feed our inner light, fail to nurture our soul–the very heart of us–it can be easy to forget our vibrance.

Life as we live it in this “day and age” means constant motion, constant doing, constant seeking, yearning, fighting, achieving, and sometimes failing. Yet there is little time left in all that striving for simply being.

Infertility has a way of dimming a woman’s inner light. The inner light that is the very essence of who she is. The inner light that is what draws the world into her charm. Taking time to nurture that inner light, to brush off the accumulated dust of disappointment, is one thing many of us forget to do.

So today, even if it is just today, take time to recharge your battery.

Take a long walk in nature. Pour yourself a hot bath with lavender bath salts and a glass of expensive red wine. Read a book just for fun. Treat yourself to a massage. For the longer we neglect our vibrance, the dimmer our inner light becomes.

Take time today to rekindle your colors. The world is in desperate need of your unique vibrant hues. Because really, who wouldn’t choose a rainbow over a gray stormy sky?


  1. A good bath does sound good. 🙂

  2. Hope you can make time to enjoy one today!

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