Infertility: Where’s a fairy godmother when a girl needs one?

 Sometimes I find myself wishing that Fairy Godmothers really did flutter down and bestow upon us that which we wished for most.

Sometimes I would like to opt out of the life lesson that has been handed over to me.

Sometimes I would just like to believe in a little magic.

It is during those times when I perhaps need to be reminded most that it may have been that very Fairy Godmother whose wand, with the swipe of her hand, landed infertility like a backhand across my face into my storybook romance.

You see Fairy Godmother’s come to grant us our deepest, most quiet wishes. They come to bring our life’s purpose to the forefront of a life once on autopilot.

Yes, the path could have been easier–I certainly believe that I would have enjoyed an easier trail to blaze–yet then the glass slippers and the grand ball to celebrate our arrival would not have been so beautiful and grand.

Each challenge in our lives comes to make us who we were always meant to be. They come to break down all of our resistance so that we may be ready for our life’s calling to enter in.

Each challenge is a gift from our Fairy Godmother.

When we embrace and accept that gift–no matter how difficult and painful it can be in the embracing–we will find our wishes granted in a way we never could have imagined before.

You see Cinderella had to scrub a whole lot of dirty floors, and be subjected to many nights of being left behind, before she was ready for her pumpkin carriage.

So too are we here, in the muck of life, scrubbing our way through, until one day our Fairy Godmother will see that we are now ready, really ready, and with the swipe of her wand a new life will begin.

In the meantime, why not whistle while we work?


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