Fertility & Leisure: Taking Time for a Time-out

“Nothing excellent can be done without leisure.”

― André Gide

Leisure, naps, rest, doing nothing, relaxing, etc. are almost bad words in our western society today. It is rare that we take time to just stop, stop everything, and simply be for awhile.

That dis-inclination for leisure is perhaps why I love this quote from Andre Gide so much. You see nothing truly exceptional can be accomplished without leisure. For surely those feats, which are most triumphant, are far more like a marathon than a sprint.

What is more excellent and perfect than a child? The creation of life, the welcoming of life, is perhaps the most perfect and pure achievement in existence.

With that in mind I can’t help but wonder how often we as women allow ourselves the leisure time we need in order to create the excellence we are striving for in our lives.

Whether pursuing motherhood through conception of the body or heart, we all must make time for rest along the way. The holidays can provide us with just such a time.

So as my husband and I head to the one place in the world that heals my mind, body and spirit like no other (the mountains), my Christmas wish for all of you is a few days of uninterrupted leisure time.

You are on the path of perfection, you are on the road that will lead you home to your child, yet nothing excellent can be done without leisure.

During this holiday season take some time to play, to sleep in ridiculously late, to drink too much wine and eat too many sweets, and to rest your weary self for the next leg of the race ahead.

Give yourself permission for the leisure that is the fuel to your conception tank on the racetrack to the finish line on Mommy Lane. I’ll meet you back at the starting gate in a few days.


  1. BEAUtiful. Enjoy the mountains, and relaxation. I think I may do all that you said.

    1. Thank you so very much, I can’t wait! And I do hope that you give yourself a time out as well. What a wonderful Christmas gift to yourself!

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