Infertility: Some hearts were made for a love that is bigger than a womb can hold

I love my husband. Why? Because he stops in the middle of the road to jump start a total strangers dead battery on Christmas Eve, really on any eve.

I love my husband because if someone is in need, is hurting, is hungry or cold or hurt, he is there.

This quality is one I revel, and sometimes sigh, about. He is the hero on the white horse.

This reason, this one reason, is why I know his heart is big enough to hold children who do not come from his loins. His heart is so big that it hurts that he cannot take them all home with him.

Some people have hearts the size of Venus. Some people are made to love a bigger kind of love. He is one of those people.

Who knows. Perhaps you are one of those people too.

Sometimes our hearts are made so big that they nearly bust. Sometimes our hearts were made for love bigger than our wombs can hold.

If you have been trying to conceive unsuccessfully, perhaps it is time to ask yourself if yours is one of them.

Would you stop to help a stranded stranger on Christmas Eve? Would you love a child left to the world to hold?

Maybe just maybe, this is your gift.

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