Infertility & fun diversions: Why so serious?

Why so serious?

Why on the road to conception have we all become so serious? So focused on the end goal, tied to a calendar, a thermometer, and an OPK?

Where did all of the fun go?

It can be easy to forget parts of ourselves when we become solely focused on our fertility. We can forget that we used to giggle, to plan fun vacations, to stay out too late on girl’s night, and to sleep in too long when the house needed to be cleaned and the refrigerator was bare.

It can be easy to become far, far, far too serious.

So perhaps today is a day to practice impracticality. Take a long, hot shower, and paint your toenails ruby red–even though they’ll only be covered right over with warm winter socks. Pick up a trashy novel from the bookstore and hunker in by the fire with a big cup of hot buttered rum. And maybe get online and start booking a trip to sunnier locale’s to give you a sunrise on the horizon to look forward to.

Yes, infertility is not a laughing matter. And, sometimes the greatest way to heal our bodies is to set our spirits free.

Today take some time for fun diversions. Practice playing so you may master it like the art form it is–perfectly perfecting it for the days ahead when your playtime will be spent with your child.

To get you started, here is a fun site you can go to find your “power animal.” It’s a fun diversion in a mundane workday.

Play on!

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