Infertility & our future children: Are we like the orangutan and the hound dog?

One of my favorite viral videos is the National Geographic story about the instant love between and orangutan and a hound dog <CLICK HERE TO WATCH VIDEO>.

It is as though these two companions were simply made to find each other, and they knew that without a shadow of a doubt. They were not of the same species, yet they loved each other instantly, in a way they loved no other.

So today I can’t help but wonder, on the journey through infertility are some of us a little like the orangutan and the hound dog?

For each of us with a deep desire to mother, there is a tiny spirit, a little soul, who is made to come to us, is made to fit into the groove of our bended arms and against the crook of our necks rested on the worn wood of a rocking chair.

Sometimes they come to us looking just like us, these ones are easy to recognize for we forge them from our own bodies.

Yet, sometimes our children, those tiny souls that have been imprinted with our spirits and who will love us like no other, don’t look just like us.

If however we are willing to take the elephant ride down to the water hole, one day we may be surprised when we look up to find our baby, the one who was always made to be ours, just waiting on the shoreline to come home.

Personally, I have a hard time imagining anything more beautiful than the way the orangutan and the hound dog love one another.

You see it matters not what bodies their hearts and spirits inhabit, the package is not big enough to hold the out of this world love contained within, and so it spills over creating something truly beautiful–an orangutan and a hound dog who’ve chosen each other for life.


  1. Rebecca · · Reply

    This is so gorgeous 🙂

    1. Glad you enjoyed it. Best to you!

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