Resources to support your journey to fertility

Today, a few resources for your fertility journey.


Phone Support Group & Fertility Meditation

Sue Dumais will inspire you to see new perspectives, make positive changes and experience the healing power of joining together with a common intention.

Each meeting provides an opportunity for open discussion of a fertility related topic. You are not alone. Join us and experience a sense of community and belonging and  discover a renewed sense of control as you learn simple tools to take charge of your own reproductive well-being. Partners are welcome to attend.

Wed Jan 25th

12:00 – 1:00pm PST

Secure your spot here…

Webinar: Can Fertility Yoga Help you Conceive your Dream?

Are you or someone you know trying to get pregnant?
Do you want to know how yoga can help improve your chances of conceiving?
Are you interested in learning which poses help with fertility and which poses can potentially harm reproductive health?
Do you want to learn a natural approach to increasing your chances of conceiving?

Research has shown that reducing stress and practicing deep relaxation using yoga and meditation can increase your chances of conceiving. Experience effective meditations and fertility yoga poses to help calm anxiety, let go of negative thinking and increase circulation to the pelvis and reproductive organs.

Sue has a gentle yet powerful way of helping couples transform their experience of fertility. Feel inspire and empowered as you walk away with the tools you need to prepare your mind, body and spirit for conception.

You will learn:
~ effective mind body tools to reduce stress and anxiety and improve reproductive health

~ what yoga poses can be helpful and which ones can be harmful during conception

~ how to transform negative thoughts and create a solution oriented mindset

~ the benefits of meditation and how to begin a daily practice

~ how to find a Fertility Yoga class in your area

~ how to begin a Fertility Yoga practice at home

Join me on Wed January 25th from 6:00 – 7:00pm PST.

If you miss the live webinar it will be recorded but you must register to recieve a link to the recording. Secure your spot today…


New Year, New Baby

Did you start this year hoping that 2012 will you be your time to overcome fertility issues and conceive your baby?  The New Year is the perfect time to state your wishes and vision and commit to making them a reality.

Now we’re almost a month into the year, and I wonder how you’re feeling.  Is your motivation and positive thinking holding strong, or could you do with a little support?  If you’d like to have effective support in making your baby dreams a reality this year then I have just the thing for you! 

I’m very excited to be hosting a special online seminar next week with fertility support expert Sarah Holland.  On this free call Sarah will be sharing her unique tips and techniques to help you achieve your ideal mindset for conception and prepare to make 2012 the year you conceive your baby.

Join us for the potentially life-changing ‘New Year, New Baby’ call byclicking on the link below and registering your free place NOW!

I hope you can join us on this special call as I know Sarah has some really useful information to share with you that could turnaround your fertility journey this year.

Reserve your spot today…

14 Day Natural Fertility Challenge

Sign up today and you will discover…

~ The 4 “fertility killers” you can easily avoid
~ 5 easy steps to take today to get your body fertile again
~ Case studies of her patients who conceived naturally – even though they swore they were “infertile”
~ 4 extra tests you must insist your doctor performs – which could reveal the real reason you have not fallen pregnant yet
~ Scientific proof from world’s leading medical institutions proving up to 80% of couples can conceive naturally – even if they have been told they are “infertile”
~ Why I.V.F should be your last resort – and how to boost your I.V.F success rate by up to 47.1% should you go down that path
~ And Much More…

Follow the link below to secure your spot today!

Sign up here…

Learn how to enhance your health, create balance, and journey into wellbeing

How often do you think or say, “I should be taking better care of myself?” or “I should be spending more time on activities that nourish my mind, body, and spirit?” 

We invite you to take a more loving and gentle approach to getting into the best mind-body shape of your life. Join us for Journey into Healing and take the next steps in creating wellness as your state of being with the teachings of Ayurveda, mind-body healing, and integrative health care.  

Only two Journey into Healing events will be offered in 2012
March 7-11, 2012 – La Costa Resort & Spa 
August 16-19, 2012 – La Costa Resort & Spa

Lectures include:

  • Herbal medicine and its applications for health and healing
  • Digestion, optimal nutrition,and conscious eating
  • Ayurvedic approaches to common health conditions
  • Enlivening health through the five senses
  • Identifying an individual’s unique mind-body type (dosha) and current imbalances
  • The role of emotions in health and healing  

We would like to personally invite you to join us on this mind-body-spirit odyssey. In-addition click here for a special offer to bring a friend, spouse or loved one to share the Journey with you. 

Call us at 888-736-6895 to enroll today or to find out more about this Mind-Body wellness workshop.  

The Chopra Center Staff

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