Please take a few minutes of your time to support a sister on this journey to motherhood

As women we show up for one another, in ways no one else who has not faced this burden can. We come into each other’s lives and float on our compassion and understanding for the pain we all know by heart.

Though we cannot always show up on the doorstep with a comfort food casserole and a hug, we can share words of hope, encouragement, and support.

Today, I ask you to reach out and hold the hand of a sister on this journey to motherhood who is facing an impossible choice. May our thoughts and prayers be with her.



I just wanted to write a short but important post to pay tribute to a very special person, Marwil. She conceived her child at more or less the same time as me and has just been given the devastating diagnosis of  Hypoplastic left heart syndrome.

She recently started a new blog “Waiting for Life”  but before then was blogging under the name of Cattiz. She has always been a very faithful commentator. As a blogger it often sucks when you don’t get comments, but I could always rely on her for a comment and support. This is more precious than you know, Marwil.

What is truly awful, as she points out, is that she is left with the options of:

  1. end the pregnancy
  2. continue the pregnancy. give birth. then let nature take over. this means baby will die within less than a week.
  3. continue the pregnancy. give birth. give treatment; medication the first couple of days to help the heart working; surgery#1 within baby’s first four days; surgery#2 between baby’s 3-6months; surgery#3 anything between the age of 2-4 years of age.

The surgeries are very risky in themselves and haven’t been done for long.

Please go over and give her some love – I know she needs it.

Leave comments here.

Heather Step


  1. Thanks Shannon. You are a star.

  2. Thank you ever so much! This support means more than you know.

    1. Of course! This is what we are here for–to always and ever support one another. We are all with you as you journey down this tough, tough road.

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