Infertility, a Roomba, & a corner office: Don’t be afraid to dream in detail

So what do infertility, a Roomba, and a corner office have to do with each other? Well, a whole heck of a lot.

A while back I blogged on the topic of vision boards: A Fertile Mindset: To Fulfill Your Dreams, You must first see.

No, vision boards are not magical like the infamous Ouija Board, which answered questions by some dark force no one could explain (except that your little brother was pushing it).

Vision boards are a tool to help you get crystal clear about what you want in life, and to provide you with a place to put those dreams down so you are reminded of them when you begin to wander. They also give you something to go back to so you can see just how many of your visions have sprung to life.

On my vision board from several years ago I had prominently placed an iRobot Roomba (costing ~$400-$500). I put it out of my mind, yet I yearned for that little magical vacuumer–a sanity saver in our split-level house with four animals. Well, through a synchronous occurrence of events at the end of 2011, I now have “Geraldine” cleaning my floors–and she came free of charge!

I also have “a corner office” on my vision board–something whose likelihood was near zero because although a manager, I work part-time. Well, at the end of last year by a fluke series of events (or maybe not so fluke), I ended up with an office, and a desk, looking right out of a floor to ceiling window.

So perhaps the moral of this story is don’t be afraid to dream in detail, and to dream big, only you can limit yourself. Make a vision board and dive into the pool of possibility. Release all of the details surrounding how your visions will come to pass, and enjoy the ride along the way.

You see I had forgotten about that Roomba picture on my board, and I had long ago let go of any expectation about the corner office. Yet the seed was planted and when the time was right, they effortlessly came to me.

Don’t be afraid to dream your dreams of motherhood in vivid detail. Put them down on a vision board, release all need to understand the how, and believe that they will arrive at your doorstep–just like my Roomba and corner office–when the time is right–though much sweeter, much more kissable, and much more deeply desired, loved, and appreciated than simple machinery (though I am pretty darn fond of Geraldine) or an office!

Dream big!


  1. I did make a vision board a few years ago. It had stuff like a clean pool (the pool was green at the time) (and we have got it blue most of the time), clean house (I now have a maid twice a week), a laptop (I got that) and of course a child (and I eventually got that too).
    I think it is powerful to have those images in front of you.
    The only thing that hasn’t come true that I still want is to somehow make enough money from home to quit my job. That is also what the laptop symboised to me. Oh well.. it can still happen…

    1. That’s awesome Heather, you’ve had many great things coming into your life. Now doubt as you stay focused on the job that will allow you to work from home, it will come your way! People told me I would never find a part-time job, with benefits, and make enough money to sustain myself (before I was married) while working through my PhD. And I did! Not to mention it was a job I loved. Can’t wait to hear how your job unfolds!

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