Places to find support during your fertility journey

Today I share a few resources for those who may need them.

Mirabai Galashan specializes in counseling, coaching, and holistic healing for women (and couples) dealing with infertility <CLICK HERE>

35% Off Kristen Magnacca Love & Infertility CD & Circle + Bloom’s Happy Mind/Healthy Body CD

Improve your relationship with Kristen Magnacca Love & Infertility CD and give yourself a little gift with Circle + Bloom’s Happy Mind + Healthy Body CD. Receive this Valentine’s Bundle Package a $39 value now for only $25.  CLICK HERE TO BUY NOW is a new online community for intended parents, surrogates, egg donors, same sex couples or anyone who struggles to create or expand their families. BridgeToBaby also provides an outlet for fertility professionals to reach out to the community, share their experiences and service offerings on a personal level.  BridgeToBaby functions much like Facebook in that a member, orBridgers as they are called, can add friends, post status updates about their journey, and even customize their profile page. But unlike Facebook, BridgeToBaby offers its members complete control over their identity and privacy and groups are never archived.  Dealing with infertility and/or surrogacy for example is a very private matter but the desire for emotional support and education is tremendous. Bridgers can join private groups and communicate with others in their situation or they can read blog posts from members going through aspects of the egg retrieval process or even a fertility expert who is exploring the topic of Asherman’s Syndrome and then answers member questions.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE!

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