Meditation as a pathway to healing infertility: The mind body connection

I encourage everyone to take part in the 21-day meditation challenge. The challenge started today and my 15 minutes of meditation, though I had to drag myself into doing it, was the best part of my day.

Perhaps these next three weeks can be a wonderful opportunity for you to take time to go into the quiet and heal from within.

Sign up for the 21-Day Meditation Challenge–starts today!

“When we spend time in silence, we can hear the voice of our soul.
whispering its sacred message and encouraging us to make choices
that bring us more happiness, health, love, meaning, and peace.”
~ David Simon

The Mind-Body Connection

Only a few decades ago, medical students were taught to view the body as a machine whose parts would inevitably break down until it could no longer be repaired. Today science is arriving at a radically different understanding: While the body appears to be material, it is really a field of energy and intelligence that is inextricably connected to the mind. All of the thoughts, perceptions, memories, emotions, and feelings in our mind influence every cell of our body. When we have a loving thought or focus on a happy memory or feeling, our brain triggers a cascade of molecules that promote wellbeing in our physiology. On the other hand, when we hold onto emotions such as anger, fear, and doubt, this creates stress and damage in the body.

Through meditation, we can reverse the effects of accumulated stress and toxicity.  Meditation takes us into inner silence, allowing the body to restore balance and repair itself. In today’s meditation we will practice a simple yet effective breathing practice that will help you experience the silence and peace within. 

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