Feeling stuck, unable to conceive, ready to give up hope: Will time change things?

“They always say time changes things, but you actually have to change them yourself.”

― Andy Warhol





I would like to say to you “Yes, time changes everything.” Yet for those of us taking the meandering path to motherhood, rather than the high speed rail, we know that time does not always usher forth change.

So there we sit, waiting, waiting, and waiting for our dreams to take flight. Surely time is all we need to achieve the pregnancy we desire. Yet, often “time” is not a magic wand. If we want things to change, we must be willing to change them ourselves.

Now at this point you may be thinking I’ve lost a few marbles. I mean really, how can we MAKE our bodies conceive? How can we possibly change our circumstance when no matter how hard we try, we never see that elusive pink plus?

Because, sometimes the change we need to make is a change that comes from the inside out. We may need to change our attitudes, to change the way we look at the difficult journey with which we have been presented. Sometimes we may need to change how we define motherhood, or the approaches we are taking to become a mother.

Your child, that perfect little soul, is waiting for you, waiting for you to be ready. Whether becoming ready means healing your body, healing your relationship, healing emotional scars from years past, or changing your lifestyle, your child is patiently waiting for you to be ready.

And sometimes being ready means changing our hearts so that they are open to whatever path our children take to reach us. For we often think that we have been robbed of the experience of pregnancy, and sometimes we need to consider that we have rather been spared the experience of pregnancy. An experience which our body may not have been able to endure.

Your child will come to you in the way that is in your highest good. They will come to you when the time is right. And they will come to you when you have made the changes that need to be made in your life, with your body, inside your relationship, and in your heart. Yes, it will take time to make these changes, yet it is not the time that will make them, it is you.

Starting today, dig your hands into the dirt and begin sowing the seed of life so that it may sprout into the dream you hold so dearly next to your heart. Today, be open to the changes that only you can make with the precious gift of time.


  1. Time is a funny thing.. I surely feel I waited too long, and it can be depressing playing the waiting game. But I like your approach – I do agree… I feel that trying even one positive thing can make a difference.. for me picking up that phone to phone the fertility clinic was a start..

    1. Great thoughts Heather, I agree. Taking a first step gets things moving. And how wonderful that your first step has led to the next, and then eventually to the beautiful baby boy you will soon have in your arms!

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