Why do you keep moving the couch? How to lose 50 pounds overnight

After nearly a decade together, and 2 1/2 years of marriage, my husband still hasn’t quite figured out why I keep moving the couch.

I have this problem you see, well I don’t think it’s a problem, however he likely thinks differently. When things inside of me are shifting, when I feel my life moving, changing, transforming, I HAVE to move, change, and transform the world around me. I just do.

And so, the redecorating begins.

First it starts off somewhat innocently, I move the bed to another wall in the bedroom, put up some new curtains, however when the change coming is a big one, I go to work on every room in the house. And I cannot, I simply cannot, rest or stop until I feel settled again (and the couch has likely been moved no less than three times).

This past week the shifting inside of me was a bit like opening Hoover Dam, a tidal wave ensued. Not only did I re-arrange our three bedrooms, living room, and family room, I also cleaned out all of my clothes and shoes (closets, dressers, and all).

And when I was done, I was 50 pounds lighter. How had I carried all of that baggage around with me for so long?

As you become more in tune with your life, with your body, and with your healing as you journey to motherhood, you too may find yourself feeling unsettled, ungrounded, and just needing to move things around.

When we fight this need for change we can become irritable, cranky, angry with our partners, and really just plain “blah” in general. You see change is not a quiet visitor in the night; it is more like the loud ROAR of a lion. Don’t be afraid to ROAR right back, and to clean out a few closets as you do.

Shifting our physical space on the outside allows us to ease the way for the emotional spaces that are shifting on the inside. And really, what greater shift could there be than preparing to welcome a child into your home?

And though my husband does not always respond so positively when I keep moving the couch, with time he will learn that the best thing he can do is grab the other side and move with me.

So today, perhaps it is time too for you to open a few windows and do some spring cleaning in order to make the room you need for “and baby makes three.”

May I suggest you start with the couch?


  1. I really admire the way you clean up! I wish I had the energy and the time!

    1. 🙂 I think my husband would loan me out. It starts to drive him crazy. I think I’m done for awhile now.

  2. What an awesome post, Shannon.

    1. Thank you sweet Mirabai!

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