Diets to increase fertility: Don’t forget your red squishy fishy!

Ode to Swedish Fish
“O red, o sweet, with flavor delish; None can compare to Red Swedish Fish!

O soft, o squishy, remarkable fishy, Just one is unheard of: must eat the whole dish!”

– Simon Schuster Forums

Okay, okay, I know they don’t count as fish, yet can’t a girl daydream a little? Dream a little dream of red squishy fishy?

I try, I do, I really try to eat healthy. Yet, I’m human darn it, and I like Swedish Fish!

A few years back I went through a several month stint where I consumed no dairy, no gluten, no sugar, no caffeine, no alcohol, let’s see, what else? Well, any and everything that made my tummy smile was on the DO NOT CONSUME list.

And you know what? I was not such a nice girl those several months.

Yes, my cycle did improve, temporarily. And yes, I suppose I felt better and my sluggish system was soothed by the ease in my digestion. However I think I was depressed from the abrupt breakup with my fish. My life seemed grayer and truthfully, I like a little vibrant red now and then.

So these days, older, wiser, and perhaps a whole lot more laid back, I indulge myself in my squishy fishy every so often.

These days I have promised myself that I will no longer jump headfirst off of the high board into the deep end of an empty pool. Rather, I have made moderation my dear friend (I even share Swedish Fish with her).

There are many aspects to healing our fertility that are important to attend to. We can however forget to attend to our spirits, to our happiness, and to our quality of life if we allow ourselves to be consumed by all of the “should’s” and “should not’s.”

So perhaps try moderation, and a few Swedish Fish, along with your fertility diet. Make sure all of you is happy on the way to healing; otherwise no healing will ever be lasting.

And now, time for some Swedish Fish ladies!


  1. Ah, this made me home-sick! Those fishes are the best.

    1. Yes, I can never eat just one (or two). You’ll have to see if you can order them online 🙂

  2. I LOVE this! I recently went on a detox cleanse after trying to get pregnant for a few years now, and although, like you said, my digestion improved and I felt a bit healthier, I was miserable! And we all know how important emotional well being is for fertility! I say bring on the sweets every now and then 🙂

    1. Amen sister! Being healthy is important. Yet health without happiness (in my humble opinion) is not truly heath!! I refuse to completely give up my red squishy fishy again!

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