Understanding the impossibly illogical: “Snookie” from Jersey Shore can have a baby, but I can’t?

Well if a picture is worth a thousand words, need I say more?

I have lost count of the number of times I have heard, read, or seen the impossibly illogical nature of just who can procreate and who cannot.

What sense can be made in a world when “Snookie,” gets pregnant and so many women, who shall we just say have never posed for a picture like this one, cannot? Why can “Snookie” from the all-time-classless reality TV show Jersey Shore get pregnant and I can’t?

Attempting to answer this question is like chasing Alice down the rabbit hole, and seriously expecting to catch her. It’s the definition of insanity.

Perhaps however we need to look at the question through a different lens. Yes, we could be angry, bitter, disappointed, and we could hold a grudge to last a lifetime over this unfair truth. But really, what would that accomplish?

We all have a hill to climb; infertility just isn’t “Snookie’s” mountain. Women who fight to rise above the struggle of infertility are a rare breed.

They are women who are strong, I mean REALLY, REALLY strong.

They are women who are wise.

They are women whose hearts contain such bravery that they are willing to be broken wide open, again and again, only to be put back together more whole than they were before the breaking.

“Snookie,” is not one of those women.

I believe that women who have faced struggles with fertility are the mothers the world needs to take us to a better place, a place quite different than Jersey Shore. When we have been tested to our limits, drug over the hot burning coals of disappointment again and again, and walked to the edge of our ability to try again, it is then that we are ready to mother those children who will be the brilliant lights of tomorrow.

As Margaret Sanger says in one of my favorite quotes “When motherhood becomes the fruit of a deep yearning, not the result of ignorance or accident, its children will become the foundation of a new race.” And that new race will not resemble “Snookie.”

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