Pain with a purpose: A birthmother and an infertile mother

I have shared many different blogs, through my blog posts, during the time I have been blogging. Today I share the first blog written by a birth mother. Even for those women who are not considering adoption, I strongly encourage you to read this blog.

Sometimes the pain of infertility can seem pointless. How could there be any reason for such heartbreak, heartache, and brokenness? Today LETTERS TO LITTLE MAN helps us to find one.

This young woman is truly an incredible young woman–I am encouraged every time I read her posts. She is bright, insightful, loving, and courageous. How blessed her “little man” and his mommy and daddy are to have her in their lives.

Renee, you are an inspiration, not only to your “little man,” but also to all of those who try to make sense of our own pain. Keep writing!

Pain With A Purpose


“Cowards are incapable of exhibiting love; It is the prerogative of the brave.”

– Gandhi

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