I’m off to see the Wizard!

  FOR  A WEEK  . . .

OK, not really the Wizard, just white sand beaches, a crystal blue ocean, and a dear friend I haven’t seen in years.

After all of my big talk about self-care, I am going to finally do a little of my own. I’ll see you on the other side next week.

Until then, take good care of you, and be gentle with your tender heart.

Bon Voyage.


  1. Sounds wonderful, have a great relaxing time.

    1. Thank you, it is long overdue–two years with no real break. And if stars align this may be my last girl’s vacation for quite awhile. I will savor every second.

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  2. Sounds good, enjoy it!

  3. Thanks Heather, it was a truly incredible trip to relax and restore (finally).

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