The fertility of a lilac: Do you know what makes you happy, simply happy?

I love lilacs. Lilacs make me happy, simply happy.

Today I can’t help but wonder how many of us even know what simple things just make us feel good; make us feel happy.

And even more, when we do know, what do we do about it?

This weekend, when my husband and I were at the store, lilac plants were on sale. I really wanted a lilac.

My husband, often the practical one in our relationship, asked me where it would go, how it would fit into the landscape, what other plants it would go with, etc. And so, I went straight from my heart into my head.

Although I love lilacs, and lilacs make me happy, I left the store without one.

Why? Because my husband talked me out of loving something? No, he really could have cared less if we bought the lilac. I did not “indulge” myself because I did not belief strongly enough that I deserved such a simple joy–regardless of where it fit into the grand scheme of our lives.

How many times do we let ourselves forget what simply makes us happy? And how many more times do we recognize the object of our simple joy, and even so walk away without it?

Today, you have my permission. Go out and find what makes you simply happy and bring it home. These simple joys are the small things that water our big dreams of motherhood.

Go get your lilac, whatever it may be.


  1. theonehandman · · Reply

    What a lovely post. My wife has been away all week, so as my happy she returned last night, she is all I want and need.

  2. Truly wonderful. How lucky you and your wife are to have one another.

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