Infertility and prenatal vitamins: When is it time to stop taking them?

I have often wondered, when is it that we “should” stop taking those prenatal vitamins?

Do we take them month after month, regardless of the outcome?

Do we begin ordering them online for fear that the clerk at the vitamin shop will start to look at us strangely when our stock of prenatal vitamins grows, but our belly’s do not?

Just when do we stop this one tangible announcement to ourselves, and to the rest of the world, that there WILL be a baby?

When it is time to switch back to our multivitamin?

I know, to many people on the outside of infertility this question may seem downright silly. I mean, seriously, it’s just a vitamin! For those of us on the inside track however, we know that it is so much more.

That little tiny vitamin is all of our hopes and dreams down the hatch with a glass of water. That oval pill represents the chance, the possibility, that soon we will need its additional nutrients.

So I wonder, when we stop, do we lose not only the extra dose of folic acid, but also our extra dose of hope?

Yesterday I ordered my vitamins for the next few months. The “prenatal vitamin” question is one that goes through my head every time I place my order. I always leave that illusive multivitamin/prenatal vitamin choice until the very end.

And yesterday, I finally knew that it was time to return to a multivitamin.

You see, life will always move on. Life will always move forward. Life, never lingers.

So whether moving on means embracing the life you are living, that does not include a child in your home for you to raise, or giving birth to your family through one of the many other options available to women on the path to conception, life will always move on for those of us who do not conceive.

When it is time, if it is time, you will know. You will simply know.

Because sometimes we need to let one dream go so that our hands are open to grab ahold of another one.

And sometimes, we need to stop taking the prenatal vitamin to signal to ourselves that we are finally ready, for something more than hope.


  1. Heather · · Reply

    It is amazing how one pill can be so charged with emotion. I remember after my second IUI going to the health shop to get it, this was when I was still waiting to find out if I was pregnant. In the end that bottle sat unopened as I learned soon afterward that the procedure was unsuccessful. Part of the anger and disappointment was just knowing I’d spent money on something unnecesary. So good for you for moving on!

    1. Thanks, as always, for your support Heather!

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  3. I recently calculated how much I’d spent on folic acid over the past five years (a lot!). One of my friends-with-babies has passed on her surplus, and I’m hoping to have caught some of her fertility luck as well 😉

    1. Oh how I know, I wouldn’t even dare to calculate 🙂 Here’s to some shared baby mojo with some shared folic acid!!

  4. Rebecca · · Reply

    I also worked out how much my accupunture, massage, reiki, vitamins and naturopath came to per month and its scary!!! I have been asking myself how long will I keep this up… glad to read that you do “just know”.

    1. Oh yes, that math can be a bit scary. When I realized how much I had spent on acupuncture in one year I almost passed out. I am glad that I did it to help with my healing, yet it’s not a math calculation I want to do again!

  5. Oh gosh – I can sooooo relate to this! I had been on DHEA tablets ever since last June. Noticed my periods went erratic while on the pill but still continued taking them month after month clinging to hope. Finally when Jan dawned and I agreed to listen to my own body, I just knew I had to stop. Same with the OPKs! I wonder whether the guy at the store I order from will start wondering whats really going on 🙂 That is one thing I cannot stop ordering at the moment though. Sigh…

    1. It can definitely be hard to let things go–especially when they have been important in holding onto our hope, which we all really, really need to keep going. I say order away until when (and if) you feel like you’re ready to let them go. All we can do is today, tomorrow, well we can worry about that when we get there! Best to you!

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