You owe me: Infertility, all you have to do is give

The Sun Never Says 

“Even after all this time

the sun never says to the earth, ‘you owe me.’

Look what happens with a love like that,

It lights up the Whole Sky.”

 – Hafiz

All you have to do is give. Oh if only that felt easier.

I know it is hard. I know the feeling of being owed, of being the eternal loan granter in a bank where life only seems to withdraw and not to give back. It is hard.

Infertility can make us bitter. It can create a feeling of righteousness within us, a feeling that we are owed a baby. We have paid our dues and now it is time to collect.

Yet there is wisdom in Hafiz’s words. When we practice daily a love like the sun, a love that is only there to illuminate, rather than to tally the debts of those it is illuminating, we too can light up the world.

So perhaps this week give your ear to a friend who just needs to talk. Give your time to a stranger who is struggling to load heavy groceries into their car. Give your money to a charity. Give your heart to the children of strangers. Give, and give, and give, and you might just be surprised what the world reflects back to you–sunshine.

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