All of the voices never heard: Have you told your infertility story?

“It’s all about owning our story and loving ourselves…that process is the
bravest thing we’ll ever do.” 

~Brene Brown

Everyone has a story; every single person on the face of this earth has a story. And every single one of those stories is better than any television melodrama. Reality TV can never rival reality life.

I am intrigued by people’s stories. I want to hear how their path led them to where they are, how their regrets, let downs, and devastations opened doors that were before unknown.

Everyone has a story.

And when it comes to the saga of infertility, many of us have not told our stories. Many of us hide in the shame shadows in a world that just doesn’t really seem to get it–even though one in six couples in the U.S. struggles with infertility–yet.

Unfortunately when voices are silenced, when our infertility stories are not told, it can be hard to own our stories, and consequently hard to love ourselves through living them.

The process of owning our stories and loving ourselves is truly the bravest thing that we will ever do. You see it is the small acts of bravery that make life’s daytime dramas the best written scripts in Hollywood. It is the little decisions, the little steps, and the little stretches, which make us truly great.

Some of us tell our stories by writing. Others tell their stories by speaking. And yet others tell their stories through actions. It does not matter how your story is told, what matters is that you own it, and that you love yourself through its telling.

There is a reason that my Facebook account is not linked to my blog, a reason that beyond our close friends and family I have not opened the shutters on our struggles to start a family. Some things are not for the wider circles of our lives, yet.

As we move through adoption however, there will come a time when my story must be told, and my infertility must be owned, to the world. I hope and pray that when that day comes, I can love myself through it. Because the bravery it takes to say out loud that my body let me down, let us down, is the only pathway to accepting and loving all of me–the broken, the fixed, the flawed, and the perfectly imperfect.

How about you, have you told your infertility story?

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