Infertility, I’ll be happy when . . . .

There’s a common misconception that outward success brings happiness. The story goes like this:

I’ll be happy when I get a new boss…make more money…
get a better job…

Research shows, however, that when we attain this kind of so-called “success,” the accompanying sense of happiness is fleeting, and that we quickly go right back to our baseline level of well-being.

In this video sneak peek of a lecture from the Certificate in Positive Psychology course, Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar shares a research study on professors waiting to hear if they receive tenure. Will gaining lifetime employment translate into a happy life?

The answer explains why Positive Psychology matters. Known as the science of happiness, Positive Psychology uses research-based practices to cultivate happiness, strengths, self-esteem, and optimism, rather than waiting for a particular set of circumstances to happen before you can be happy.

One comment

  1. To live life like that for me would mean forgetting about goals and desires but when you have to sacrifice one thing for another – to put your energy there – it’s really hard to do.

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