Infertility and fear, oh the fear: Are there Thundershirts for humans?

My dog Sophie hates the thunder, she shudders from the lightening, and she crawls under the covers and as close to me as possible when a storm rolls in.

And so she now has her very own Thundershirt, and it actually does work. Go figure!

This miracle of calm in the midst of a storm makes me wonder: Are there Thundershirts for humans?

Infertility is a scary passageway. The doctors appointments. The long waits for test results. The array of options before us. The choices, so many choices.

And even when we decide to try the procedure, to begin the process of adopting, or to embrace our life as beautiful just the way it is, it’s down right scary!

As my husband and I complete our gigantic stack of adoption paperwork, as we de-wallpaper, prime, and paint the room that will be our nursery, as we navigate the always unchartered waters of marital disagreement, I’m scared and I need a Thundershirt!

What will I do if the adoption is disrupted? What will I do when the baby won’t stop crying and I (quite clearly to her/him not their mother) can do nothing to soothe them? How will we handle an argument when there are little ears listening? What if I fall so in love that the thought of returning to work becomes unthinkable? And what if I don’t?

And so the thunder of infertility gets louder and louder, and the lightening strikes come closer. And unfortunately, they don’t make Thundershirts for humans.

Unlike my dog Sophie, we must crawl out from under the covers, throw open the blackout shades, and face the storm outside. Because when we stand firm in ourselves in the midst of the storm, we soon find that the pounding rain is letting up, and the ominous skies are turning blue.

When we gather our courage to face the storm, we will one day find that we have survived the darkest night and that our rainbow looms just around the corner. But only if we are brave enough to look out–otherwise we will always remained tucked in under the cover of our fear.


  1. That’s very interesting about the thunder shirt. Fortunately my dogs aren’t that scared of thunder, I thin it’s because we have the noisy tv on a lot.
    I hear your fears – with regard to the crying baby, you do the best you can and you take it day by day, like most things in life.
    Sending hugs and best wishes to your adoption efforts.

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