Infertility: Is this the last time?

Such a simple question: Is this the last time? Yet a question that so many women facing the challenges of infertility find themselves asking again, and again.

Is this the last time we try again?

Is this the last time we gather up hope?

Is this the last time we promise we will never quit until we hold our child in the cradle of our awaiting arms?

And even when we have moved forward toward the joy of motherhood, it is a question that still comes to mind.

Is this the last time we’ll have a night alone, just us two?

Is this the last time I will breeze through security at the airport and quietly read my book while waiting for my plane?

Is this the last time it can be all about me?

Perhaps what we need to remember is that the last time is also the first time. “Every  beginning comes from some other beginning’s end,” and every single one brings a brand new dream, a brand new adventure, and a brand new lifetime chapter.

Only then can we embrace the last time as truly our first time on the road to happily ever after.

Happy beginning.


  1. I never had the opportunity to try for a child due to my hysterectomy, but can relate to wondering if it would be our “last time” to hold our foster children, etc. Thankfully we were able to adopt them. Thank you for stopping by my blog and liking my post titled Dear Infertility. I look forward to reading more of yours!

  2. Mmm…there is hope in every situation because Hope (Christ) reigns over all.

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