Infertility Signs: Detour, Stop, Caution, Road Work Ahead

 Signs, do you see them?

I’m not speaking about traffic signs, but rather those signs that come to every one of us on this journey called life. The signs that point us in one direction, or another, and that frankly can sometimes leave us a little confused.

I have written before about the signs that can come to us through nature; lady bugs, porcupines, and hawks. And today I am reminded once again that for every question, if I am quiet, aware, and receptive, comes an answer.

No, it is not always immediate, and no I don’t usually even realize that it’s there. Yet every once in awhile it keeps coming at me so many times that I just can’t avoid taking notice.

First it started with the hawk perched in the tree right above my patio who screeched over and over again at me until I looked up, and then proceeded to stare and screech (seemingly at me) for a minute or so; weird, but ok.

And then it was the hawk that flew back and forth across the street in front of me when I was walking my dogs, prey clutched in its tightly clasped claws. Hmm, that seems strange.

Follow that with the next hawk that flew screeching across the sky above me after the hawk with the prey. Then, as though the cherry on top of a coincidental sundae, another hawk flew above my car screeching loudly as I entered work .

So finally I stopped long enough to see the sign.

“Many of the messages Hawk may bring are about freeing yourself of thoughts and beliefs that are limiting your ability to soar above your life and gain a greater perspective. If one remains earthbound, then the possibilities of life are limited! It is this ability to soar high above to catch a glimpse of the bigger picture that is one of the aspects of Hawk medicine that makes it so valuable: If one is undergoing a difficult passage to know that just over the next hill is freedom and liberation if one keeps going can be a Godsend in supporting the person to keep moving forward!”

My life is a hawk with prey in hand. My child is closer to me than they have ever been. One home study interview, and a complete family portfolio to go and they can finally find their way to me.

And though I feel, deep into my bones, that my life will change soon, very soon, my impatience wants to push me into other new endeavors — a new job, new challenges.

My sign reminds me to step back and see the bigger picture. Now is not the time for career, now is the time for family. And that hawk will keep screeching until I finally listen.

And it’s screetching has got me wondering, what signs might we each have passed today, and just which detour are they guiding us around?

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