Our Great Gatsby: Happy Endings Do Happen


I published my first post on this blog on February 4, 2011, however my journey toward motherhood began long before that in October of 2009. And what a journey it has been.

Some have followed me since the very beginning, and others have joined along the way. Some coming and some going as their lives took twists and turns.

Though I tried always to find the hope in the hopeless in my writing, some days I secretly doubted that happy endings were real. Infertility is not just a journey, it’s a journey that is all uphill, and it’s exhausting.

And so today it’s almost surreal to introduce our daughter to the world. To finally say, here in this space that has held me for nearly two years, meet my daughter, Mea. Born in September, placed in our arms in October, and ours forever in November. All because of the most courageous woman I have ever known, and the most incredibly selfless mother.

There is so much to say, so much to share for those who may be pursuing adoption. So many things I have learned along the way. I hope to share them all with you over time. Yet for now, I suppose I just want you to know that happy endings do happen, and that when they do it’s hard to imagine that it could have been any other way.

And as for Gatsby, well that’s the name of our turtle. The one who showed up in the middle of the road the day after Mea was born, right before we went to the hospital to meet her. And the one who somehow managed an escape from an inescapable cage the weekend before Mea went home with her first mother. And its also the name of the same turtle who returned nearly two months later, sauntering into our garage, after Mea had been placed with us and the weekend before she was ours forever. Turtle medicine is that of motherhood.

So thank you Gatsby for reminding us to always have hope, and that sometimes slow and steady is the way to travel. And thank you God for our Mea.


  1. Congratulations! She’s beautiful! So glad you got your happy ending!

    1. Thank you so very much Daryl!

  2. Congratulations

  3. Oh wow, I’m so so happy to read this. What wonderful news!! May you have many happy moments, days and years ahead. Huge congratulations on bringing your daughter home. xx

    1. Thank you marwil. What a journey we have both had! Mea is truly the light of our lives. I look forward to hearing of your happily ever after very soon as well!

  4. She is gorgeous! I am so, so happy for you.

    1. Thank you Heather! Now I can put some of your great advice/learnings from your blog into action πŸ™‚

  5. Congratulations and Happy Adoption Month. And, honestly, I’m so happy that your daughter’s not named Gatsby! πŸ™‚ Yes yes happy endings do happen. (My daughter is Mia – also was adopted.) jennifergrant.com

    1. Thank you Jennifer, we’re glad she’s Mea not Gatsby too πŸ™‚ Happy Adoption Month to you as well!

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