Don’t Give Up

IMG_2978“If you long enough, and you don’t give up; if you’re strong enough, and you don’t give up; and you’ll be no harbor for the sorrow, just let it go.

Don’t hang your head in sorrow, don’t give up just before you win, don’t wait around for tomorrow, open up your arms and let it in.

Some things require believing, these things just fall right in your hand, just try to understand . . . . If you’re strong enough and you don’t give up.” – This Gift, Glen Hansard

I first heard this song as my husband and I watched The Odd Life of Timothy Green in the theater, tears rolling down both of our faces. Years of chasing our deepest desire, to become parents, and finally a movie that so poignantly relayed the pain of the yearning, and the beautiful way dreams come true, when we don’t give up, and when we release attachment to how the dream is fulfilled.

On New Years day 2014 I needed this reminder. As I lay in bed, fighting everything in me that screamed to simply stay there forever, or to fly home and give up, tears softening my cheeks, I needed this reminder. Today perhaps you do too.

Every single day we face the possibility that we may lose our daughter, and the reality that there is nothing we can do about that possibility, perhaps for months to come. Yet she deserves the best of me; she deserves me to dry my tears and to get out of bed. My daughter deserves me to “be no harbor for the sorrow” to “just let it go.” And all of the years before she came into my arms, when she was in line with the angels in heaven waiting for her turn to be born, she deserved the same.

So today I want to remind all who are longing, everyone who is hurting, those whose ship of hope is harbored in the dock of sorrow, to get out of bed, to dry your tears, and to believe. Because there will be storms, there will be losses, and there will be days that feel like defeat. Yet, ships were made for sailing, so dig deep for your fountain of courage and push back from the shore, setting sail for the miracle that is waiting to be found, if you just don’t give up.


  1. oh what a scary situation! I’m hoping so that you get to keep your precious daughter. You have waited so long for her already.

    1. Thanks marwil, it is very scary and we too are hopeful that she will stay with us forever as the alternative, after three months, is unthinkable.

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