You Cannot Find Peace By Avoiding Life

imageIf you have ever been in Grand Central Station in New York you have seen the pigeons. They are the birds who are missing toes, cut off in their attempt to climb the escalator to reach the light.

Sometimes we too can feel like those wounded pigeons. Life has been hard on us, we have lived through gut wrenching heart break, unimaginable losses, yet we can’t seem to successfully reach the light, the place where new life begins.

Here’s the thing about those pigeons. Though their toes are lost in the climb, their wings remain intact. The pigeons can still fly, and eventually they do, out and up and away from the darkness.

So too, your wings are intact. You can, and you will, emerge to the place where your dreams live. And no, you will not be fully intact when you get there, you will not be who you were before you descended. However, the pieces you have lost will be a chapter in the story of how you fought, how you never gave up, and how you broke free and took to the skies.

So keep climbing life’s escalator, no matter how many pieces of yourself you lose along the way. I promise the light is waiting for you to emerge. I will see you on the outside.


  1. there is magic in our bouyancy

    1. Yes, there truly is magic, even in the darkest spaces.

  2. I think you’ve lost more than your toes…
    You are just amazing and I so respect your writing through your grief in such an uplifting way.

    1. Thanks so very much Heather.

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