Do your dreams seem out of reach? Maybe it’s the story you’re telling

Sometimes the most important person we need to convince is ourselves.

The Traveling Light

As soon as the words fly out of his mouth, they flap against my own, as if to beat them down, or shake them from a habitual torpor.

I know it is not his intention that they sting. But somehow they do, pushing against a resistance that has already propelled a chorus of protests to my tongue.

“Where is your faith?”

The question comes during an innocuous exchange with an acquaintance I haven’t seen in some time.  When I run into him at a recent event, we spend a few minutes at the end catching up. As he asks what I’ve been up to, I, of course, mention the job I started in January. When he presses for more details, I share some of the challenges of my adjustment period, a running thread in conversations over the last two months. Eventually, talk turns to my dream job, as he deduces that…

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