Feeling disappointed? What to do with dashed dreams.

IMG_1264After a winter that feels never ending, it brings my heart joy to see tulips appear in the florist windows. They are my favorite flowers.

So the other day when I bought some they gave me the feeling of spring despite the 30 degree temps. Yet their beautiful blooms were neglected and with no water left in their vase, they wilted, then gave up and fell completely over, devoid of life.

I get you tulips. You get me.

After five years of trying to build our family, and after the failure of our third adoption placement, the water in my life’s vase feels pretty empty. I thought it was empty after we lost our daughter of four months with the second placement, but I guess there were some droplets left.

These days however, I’m pretty sure my life’s vase is bone dry.

Yet here’s the thing, despite the way the purple tulips succumbed to their wilting, once the vase was filled with water, they slowly rose, they slowly returned to life.

And so too will I; and so too will you on those days that feel the hardest, when your dreams feel incredibly far away.

Because sometimes life is about crawling through the desert in a drought, even when we find the water we were crawling toward was just another mirage.

If today like me you are wondering, what if I fall and I can’t get back up, what if I can’t reach the water and I give up along the way? What we both have to remember is that maybe just maybe this time we’ll finally reach the ocean and we’ll finally rise and fly.

Keep crawling and keep dreaming. I’ll meet you at the water’s edge.

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  1. Heather · · Reply

    Really hoping for a breakthrough for you. Love that pic.

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