When you lose interest in keeping the pieces together anymore

IMG_1264Today may you find your “Raw and messy. But real.” by letting go of all the voices inside of you that are not your own. Once you set them to flight you will hear the gentle guiding whisper of your soul.

Wide Open

Let your heart break.
Let it break wide open.
You have lost all interest in
trying to keep all the pieces
together anymore.
Your soul wants out.
Your soul wants freedom.

You have been longing to
stop pushing down the
lump in your throat.
Let your truth be spoken.
Let it be breathed.
Let it flow through your body
as dance, tears or sweat
without reason, analysis or

Let your heart beak.
Let it break wide open.
Let it sift out what no longer
serves you.
Let it pull the veils off.

What is here is clarity.
Truth. Integrity.
Raw and messy.
But real.

Lisa McCrohan, copyright 2016


  1. Beautiful.

  2. Nice to “see” you after being off the blogosphere for so long Heather. Hope you’re well!

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