I quit!

UntitledIn my life, as in all lives, there have been a string of beginnings and endings. Some came to me, and some I came to.

The thing about these beginnings and endings is that they’re coming, they’re unavoidable, and in order to find what dream may come we have to go through them. When we do, we can embrace them, we can fight them, or we can weakly accept them with the apathy of the uncommitted.

Change is the roadblock in the freeway of our lives that we cannot, no matter how hard we try, get around. However, when we remember that every exit on that freeway is an entrance somewhere else, we see the possibilities mapped out in each detour.

For the last year and a half of my life something was pushing on me, pushing in me. A voice that though very quiet began to feel deafeningly loud. It was an unsettle that grew and grew and grew until the uncomfortableness within me became unbearable.

And so I quit.

With a short resignation letter I resigned myself to a future of unknowns, which carries with it fear, much fear, but also peace. A peace that comes from listening, from following the exit sign when the road closure ahead was imminent and unmovable.

So today I wonder, what exit might you need to take? What niggling and quiet voice have you been trying with all your might to un-hear?

Maybe today is the day to pull out the map of your life and ponder what adventurous stops might be awaiting you at the exit ahead. The exit into or out of a relationship. The exit into or out of a trip you’ve dreamed of, and danced around, for years. The exit to a new art or passion in your life. Or maybe even, like me, the exit from a successful corporate career into dedicating life to watering the growing new buds of a little human, and a future career that’s off the printed map.

Whatever whisper you’re hearing, be patient with yourself as you find the faith to listen.

It’s ok to sit at the rest stop for awhile, and even to get back on the freeway going the other direction for a bit, trying to avoid what’s ahead. Yet know that when you’re ready, when you turn the car around and concede to exit in two miles, the attractions ahead will be the kind you’re eager to pull your camera out and capture. I know this to be true because all the dreams that are to come lie on the other side of that toll booth.


  1. How I have missed your words of wisdom, dear friend, wrapped in your gift of eloquence. SO proud of you for your courage to listen deep, to honor the call of the unknown and the promise of some greater fulfillment. Thank you for the reminder of what awaits when we journey with faith into the life awaiting us, even if the fullness of its shape eludes us. Here’s to freedom and the next grand adventure!

    1. Thank you my dear dear friend, wouldn’t want to imagine any grand adventure without you! Here’s to what’s ahead for us both!

  2. I really enjoy your posts. I’m glad you’ve taken this step and all the best to you! I also had to take that leap of faith some time ago to stay at home and amazingly everything fell into place. Now I am working again and that has worked out well too 🙂

    1. It’s so great to see your name pop up Heather, I’ve been away for a long while. Congratulations on your return to work, glad it’s gone well! Best to you.

  3. Verna Harvey Tweddale · · Reply

    Glorious courageous friend, what an honor to walk this Journey with you. Over & over again I have seen you take a huge leap then grow your wings on the way over the cliff . . . Bless you for continuing to inspire us ALL!

    1. I am so blessed to have you with me on every leap off the cliff. You’re such a gift to me and Helena!

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