In Yoga there is a Niyama, an important tenet or cardinal virtue, called Ahimsa. This restraint calls for us to “cause no injury,” to do no harm. Gandhi believed, and lived, this principle. As I have contemplated Ahimsa, and its application to my life, I pondered how much harm I have done to others through […]

I’m about to do the one thing you’re not suppose to do. I’m about to tell you that sometimes when the dreams you dream come to fruition, the ones you’ve hoped, prayed, and labored for, it can suck. Yep, your dreams can suck. Don’t despair, I don’t mean to say that the dream itself sucks, […]

My dear friend (pictured here at a Rubyes Kids event she volunteers at annually), the sister I got to choose, and I have had many conversations about the things that tug at us. Those things that just won’t let go; the things that push, and push, nag and nag refusing to let us let them […]

I’ve always been in awe of those relationships that, from the outside, seem so smooth. The ones where the couple hardly argues, never snapping at one another. The ones where two people seem to have found their compass in the embodiment of the other. Me, I’ve never had one of those relationships. I suppose in […]

My baby is not a baby anymore. She is this incredible little human, someone I feel I can take very little credit for. Yes, I love her, squeeze her, teach her, guide her, sometimes yell at her (then berate myself after); I kiss her owies and put her in bed next to me when she’s […]

In my life, as in all lives, there have been a string of beginnings and endings. Some came to me, and some I came to. The thing about these beginnings and endings is that they’re coming, they’re unavoidable, and in order to find what dream may come we have to go through them. When we […]

Today may you find your “Raw and messy. But real.” by letting go of all the voices inside of you that are not your own. Once you set them to flight you will hear the gentle guiding whisper of your soul. Wide Open Let your heart break. Let it break wide open. You have lost […]