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You Cannot Find Peace By Avoiding Life

If you have ever been in Grand Central Station in New York you have seen the pigeons. They are the birds who are missing toes, cut off in their attempt to climb the escalator to reach the light. Sometimes we too can feel like those wounded pigeons. Life has been hard on us, we have lived […]

Infertility, Adoption, Loss: Before and After

When you lose a child there is a before and after; I suppose with any major trauma in life there is always a before and after. Who we are before, and who we are after. The two are never the same. I have lost before in my life, big losses that shook my heart to […]

Infertility, Adoption, Loss and Christmas: The Bittersweet

It is the wee hours of Christmas morning. The time when the excitement of Christmas Eve wanes to allow in the light of Christmas Day. It is the time when Santa is making his slide down the chimney, and exhausted parents put together bikes and doll houses before passing out, only to be awoken by the […]

Infertility & adoption: when sperm doesn’t meet egg, when profile doesn’t meet match

“You were made that way for a reason, you just need to figure out what it is.” – Anthony Robles We are still waiting to hear back on the recent opportunity to have our profile shown, however during the wait I’ve been thinking a lot about the similarities between infertility and adoption. Perhaps more precisely, […]

Infertility Kaleidoscope: Four Months & Bouncy Balls

Last week was a bit of a tough week for me; tough like a rattlesnake bite in the middle of a desert. Yet, I survived. And today, when I look through my kaleidoscope of experiences, I can see a few things I couldn’t see before. I see four months and a bouncy ball. So today […]

Infertility Scabs: Just Rip The Band Aid Off

I don’t blog often anymore. I suppose I could say that it’s life’s fault, it just gets too busy. I don’t however think that would be honest. In reality I don’t blog because sometimes it’s like ripping the band aid off the scab. And though I try to convince myself that the scab is thick, and hard, […]

Infertility Twister: What to do when there’s nothing to do

Anyone who has little people in their lives, whether their own children, children of friends, or nieces and nephews has heard the phrase uttered “What should I do? There’s nnoooottthhhiiinnnggg to do!” I don’t think anyone on the planet could understand them better than women in the long wait for motherhood. We often face the […]