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Free Fertility Seminar

FYI for anyone who may be interested. Trying for a Baby? Dr. Marilyn Glenville Thursday, 29th March.  8.00pm. Fertility Seminar Information Following the overwhelming response to my online fertility Seminar last year, I am broadcasting again later this month.  There are a few changes – based on feedback we received from people who attended – so […]

Meditation as a pathway to healing infertility: The mind body connection

I encourage everyone to take part in the 21-day meditation challenge. The challenge started today and my 15 minutes of meditation, though I had to drag myself into doing it, was the best part of my day. Perhaps these next three weeks can be a wonderful opportunity for you to take time to go into […]

Places to find support during your fertility journey

Today I share a few resources for those who may need them. Mirabai Galashan specializes in counseling, coaching, and holistic healing for women (and couples) dealing with infertility <CLICK HERE> 35% Off Kristen Magnacca Love & Infertility CD & Circle + Bloom’s Happy Mind/Healthy Body CD Improve your relationship with Kristen Magnacca Love & Infertility CD […]

Upcoming programs to support your fertility

Following are a few resources to support you on your journey to motherhood. Circle + Bloom This Week’s Offer 3 Month FREE Membership from My Hopeful Journey Introducing a new and innovative product to help you on your fertility journey, and you get a FREE premium membership for 3 months! My Hopeful Journey is a […]

Making changes to improve fertility & health: Change begins with choice

When you begin the process of healing your body and your fertility, change may seem hard. It can feel overwhelming and difficult to figure out just where to begin. Today a few words of advice from Jim Rohn–change begins with choice. CHANGE BEGINS WITH CHOICE by: Jim Rohn Any day we wish; we can discipline […]

Resources to support your journey to fertility

Today, a few resources for your fertility journey. Enjoy! Phone Support Group & Fertility Meditation Sue Dumais will inspire you to see new perspectives, make positive changes and experience the healing power of joining together with a common intention. Each meeting provides an opportunity for open discussion of a fertility related topic. You are not alone. […]

The fertility of a belly laugh: Take time out to cry . . . from laughing so hard

“Your body cannot heal without play. Your mind cannot heal without laughter. Your soul cannot heal without joy.” ~ Catherine Fenwick I could not resist sharing this quote from Deepak Chopra’s daily message today. And I can’t help but wonder, when is the last time we really, and I mean really, laughed? Luckily I can […]