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Don’t Give Up

“If you long enough, and you don’t give up; if you’re strong enough, and you don’t give up; and you’ll be no harbor for the sorrow, just let it go. Don’t hang your head in sorrow, don’t give up just before you win, don’t wait around for tomorrow, open up your arms and let it […]

Infertility, Adoption, Loss and Christmas: The Bittersweet

It is the wee hours of Christmas morning. The time when the excitement of Christmas Eve wanes to allow in the light of Christmas Day. It is the time when Santa is making his slide down the chimney, and exhausted parents put together bikes and doll houses before passing out, only to be awoken by the […]

When you dangle your toes from the ledge and swing your arms, it’s only a matter of time before you fall

The question is whether when you fall you take flight to the sky, or you soar into the depths of the canyon. But no matter what, the momentum is going to take you over the ledge. So too with infertility and adoption, when we dangle our hearts over the ledge of possibility, and when we […]

Infertility, Adoption: It’s Official?

Those of you out there who are part of my tribe, the tribe of women for whom the path to motherhood is more crooked than straight, know that this journey is not for the faint of heart. You know that as the years pass by the tough scales over our hearts get tougher; our skin […]

Infertility: may it be soon, and may it be forever

Recently one of my most dear friends relayed to me her every day prayer for my husband and me “may it be soon, and may it be forever.” No matter where you are on your fertility journey this one prayer is the one silently uttered in the hearts of each person, and so eloquently expressed by […]

Infertility: I am here, but I am not

Anyone who has been journeying down the life experience of infertility knows there are stages. There are stages of shock, stages of grief, stages of hope, stages of despair, stages of defeat, stages of acceptance, and in the end, there is a stage of joy and moving on. We all live for that last stage […]

Infertility Signs: Detour, Stop, Caution, Road Work Ahead

 Signs, do you see them? I’m not speaking about traffic signs, but rather those signs that come to every one of us on this journey called life. The signs that point us in one direction, or another, and that frankly can sometimes leave us a little confused. I have written before about the signs that […]